Shell-o There!

  • Oysterponds Shellfish Co.
    Our oysters are grown out in an off-bottom rack and bag system in about three to four feet of water. The shallow, nutrient-rich water produces a unique taste. In his eponymous oyster tome, Geography of Oysters, Rowan Jacobsen calls them the “epitome of East End oysters. Bright and briny up front, delicate with hints of tannin and iron on the finish.” You are what you eat...especially if you're an oyster! Throughout their time in the creek, the oysters are continuously tumbled and culled. This process produces an oyster with a strong shell, deep cup, and full meat.
  • North Fork Big Oyster Co.
    LouLou Belles are briny, buttery oysters raised on a family farm in the Little Peconic Bay which sits on Long Island’s East End between Shelter Island, Southampton, and Southold.  Long Island is home to some of the most productive oyster beds in the world and the Peconic’s clean, mineral-rich waters are the perfect environment for growing premium New York oysters.
  • Founders Bay Oyster Farm
    After more than 3 decades as a TV producer for ABC News and the documentary world,  it was time for a change of course. A love of all things water brought Steven Schnee to the North Fork.  He learned the art of growing oysters by volunteering at The Cornell Marine Center and their Southold Project in Aquaculture Training (SPAT). With an underwater grant that dates back centuries, The Founders Oyster Farm got its start on a piece of seabed in the pristine waters of Peconic Bay.
  • Thatch Island Oyster Farm
    Chuck Westfall and Sean O’Brien are the first pioneers to bring back the world-famous Blue Point Oyster. Like many oyster fisheries around the world the Blue Point was a victim of its own success and was fished out, though its name continued through a myriad of counterfeits. Nearly one hundred years later, due to modern hatchery techniques we have been able to restore a True Blue Point to the Great South Bay. To everyone’s delight, whatever magic that was in the waters of the Great South Bay back then, is still there and makes the Blue Point, Great.
  • Eel Town Oysters
    Having a mooring business for 25 plus years and working as a Captain on local and East Coast based yachts, most days have turned into sea time.  Being in the right place and with thanks to another farmer I acquired a choice location in Noyac Bay in which to grow Eel Town Oysters.  I call my oysters The Bohemians.  It’s great to eat a Bohemian, and subversive like eating the rich, but after biting the hand that feeds me, I now can feed you.
  • Hamptons Oyster Company
    Our oysters are ‘made in the waves’ and we’re proud to be the region’s first deep-water, floating oyster farm. Different from bottom-grown methods, we ride the surf to keep our farm in constant motion. The wave-powered conditioning prunes and polishes each oyster, creating a hearty shell for an easy shuck, and an ultra-clean appearance.
  • Great Gun Oyster Co.
    Paul McCormick grew up on the south shore of Long Island and worked for many years as a commercial fisherman on the Great South Bay. In 2013, he founded the Great Gun Oyster Farm, the first shellfish farm in the Town of Brookhaven’s history. The farm prides itself on working with nature to craft the perfect oyster as well as being a testing ground for innovation and research in both shellfish and marine plant aquaculture. Paul is a former Director of the Long Island Farm Bureau and holds the aquaculture seat on the Town of Brookhaven’s Agricultural Advisory Committee.
  • Montauk Pearls
    "A kiss from the sea”… Love at first bite. A beautiful shell encases an even more beautiful body. The flavor starts out as a misty kiss from the sea. Chew on the delicate body to unleash a sweet bouquet, and enjoy our favorite part of the flavor experience after you swallow, a lasting nutty finish! Since 2009, Montauk Pearl Oysters are the crown jewel of Mike Martinsen’s life on the water. Having worked on almost every bay in NY since his start as a bayman in 1981, landing in beautiful Montauk makes perfect sense. Here the oysters start in floating gear at Montauk Harbor and are transplanted from site to site. Ultimately harvested from the deep ocean waters of Block Island Sound for an exceptional taste and a very clean ocean water finish.