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The fee to participate in Oyster Week is $500 per business (restaurant/winery/brewery). This fee goes directly to the marketing support of the event. We wish you a profitable and successful Oyster Week!

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Oyster Week Offerings

Oyster lovers like to know the specials before they decide where to dine so we HIGHLY encourage you submit your specials and which oysters you are featuring by the deadline of October 5th to have you specials listed on the website. After this date there is NO GUARANTEE that your specials will be listed on the website. If you don't know your specials at this time, email your specials to

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The cost of oyster week is $500. This includes placement on the website, advertisements, social media marketing and publicity outreach.

Rules of Participation

  • Participating businesses must offer an oyster special during the designated event days of October 14-20. Businesses not open every day during the event must offer an oyster special on the days they are open.
  • Participating businesses must offer LONG ISLAND oysters during this promotion as the mission of the event is to promote local oysters.